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Vintage Market Days Firesides & Flannel Event in Lindale, Texas

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

I was up late one night searching Pinterest for DIY ideas on repurposing pallets which led to a search on the local Facebook Marketplace for said pallets which led me to an account that had published their experience (from six months earlier) on attending the Vintage Market Days hosted in Lindale, Texas.

I immediately searched up the event and discovered their beautiful web page promoting the local East Texas event.

Sometimes (or all the time) when one owns a small business then not only are there 100 moving pieces that you must orchestrate but then you have constant ideas and growing dreams for that business that late at nights you are saving random notes to yourself on your phone or texting them to your husband (thanks babe-you're the one for me) to revisit once your awake and had a cup of coffee.

This was one of those amazing ideas--what if we participated?

I immediately had to follow through all the requirements and sent pictures, attached our store link and social media accounts and prayed for the best outcome and grace if it was the worse.

I promptly received a welcoming email to the event and that they couldn't wait to add our vintage pieces to this event. (Insert dance moves of choice here-SIDE NOTE: I cannot dance, I was kicked out of a salsa dance class by the instructor because she said "There was nothing good happening with me on the dance floor." Thats fine-that was before TikTok so good luck finding proof!!

After stalking the exclusive vendor's page associated with this event I realized that Vintage Market Days are a national level shopping event. They travel across many of our blessed states to bring old junk, boutique items and yummy food truck goodness to you! How had I not known of this event?

Oh that's right-->I had a 100 things pushing me in every direction. Now make that 101!

The research of other vendors' completed booths and zooming in on their prices (yes-I did that and I know you do too) I had a list that took up several pages in my working journal and began that gorgeous to-do list for the event.

I had three weeks to prep for this event and had so much fun walking our store and storage units to pull the items that best would fit the crowds at this entry fee event. It gave me a boost of confidence knowing that first, customers were already paying a fee to enter (and the advanced tickets SOLD OUT two weeks before this event) which meant secondly, they were coming not only for the atmosphere of shopping oldies that are goodies but taking those pieces home. This is a small business' idea of a dream come true.

And getting to use cute tags and stickers on our items was so fun for me--why? No idea, it just made me really happy!!

Also small business booth tip: when holiday sales end check for To/From tags and purchase the ones that could work during any season or ever cute holiday ones for seasonal sales. I purchased 200 tags for .20 cents from Walmart and they made that small but significant style staple that I wanted to come through in our booth. Plus, I was able to repurpose an item that typically is trashed in so many retailers across the world due to excess printing and our business relishes anyway to repurpose any item again.

When I taught school my reoccurring nightmare always visited me one of the nights of Teacher Inservice before the school year kicked off and its always the same. I wake to realize I've slept through my alarm, my outfit of choice is thrown on and has noticeable wrinkles all over and I spill my coffee along the front then proceed to arrive after school has started and do the walk of shame to my classroom only to discover it filled with silent students seated around boxes of teaching material I ran out of time to put away.

Then I awake-drink a cold glass of water and say a prayer and check my alarm or alarms-side note, when I taught it took NINE alarms to get myself and my kids ready for the day before I ever left my home.




Well on the first day of this event (which was on Friday, November 5th) I arrived after waking to my first alarm and putting on that cute winter sweater and spending five minutes applying makeup (haha-blush and mascara) longest five minutes of my life to pull directly up to the vendor's gate to drop off more large vintage art pieces to be told that the social media influencers would be walking the booths in 5 minutes and that I needed to be at my booth to be available for pre-sales.

It was 9:28am and I had forgotten about the pre-sale time that began promptly at 9:30am. I just remember throwing my hair in a bun, stacking all my art work on the gate for the vendor entry and parking my expo under a tree near said entry way.

I have no idea how the artwork made it across the rows of booths to mine that was at the end in a corner of the front of the event. I'm a short lady but it is a true statement to use the "small but mighty" saying here. The artwork was distributed across our booth, the coffee was not spilt and the influencers came by not knowing I could only hear my heart throbbing in my ears as they asked where we discovered our treasures.

And scene-take that reoccurring teacher nightmare...

Was it fun? Absolutely

Hard work? Of course

Worth it? Always

We sold out on the first day and the second day and came home with only one large furniture piece, no crock pieces, only 12 artwork pieces from the 43 we took and learned how to mainstream so many areas of this event for next time.

Thank you to our booth neighbors for your insight and kindness. Thank you to each new customer that walked our booth and purchased a vintage item from us. Thank you to VMD sponsors and coordinators for making this event a enjoyable event for us.

Lo veremos la próxima vez.

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