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Vintage Coffee Mug & Ornament Gift Idea

Do you have a teacher on your Christmas list? Perhaps a couple small gatherings at church, work or that dreaded White Elephant Gift exchange?

Change the idea that it has to be ~NEW~ and having to make everyone laugh once opened.

Coffee mug designs are plentiful this holiday season and your options are endless (I bought one myself yesterday) and I have a rather large collection already. (You are addicted as well, I hope.)

Shop local, shop used and you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality that existed years ago before mass production took over the holidays. The mug is physically heavier in weight, has a beautiful gold embellishment stamped on the bottom or hand-painted from someone who has long left us for the streets of gold.

All you need is a mug and an ornament and you have a gift that cannot be returned (which when a random group was surveyed this year stated 78% of them would return gifts received---what!?!)

So give them a gift that can't be taken back.

Merry Christmas from Mis Hijas.

#vintage #mug #coffee #ornament #antique #reducereuserecycle

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