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Are You Open?

School has begun for our little people so our store hours have adjusted to accommodate those beauties.

As a small business we are fully aware that each person that walks through our doors is a blessing for us in so many ways. We engage in building new friendships, strengthening old ones with returning customers and (absolutely LOVE) listening to you state how we have an item that was once in the home of someone you loved dearly.

We are memory keepers of the past when we go out and purchase an item that speaks to us and then place it on a shelf in our store.

But what about store hours? We're still open on Tuesdays through Saturdays and are getting ready to offer CLOSED PRIVATE SHOPPING SESSIONS on certain mornings and evenings during the week.

So how does that work?


You'll reserve a time slot (all are in one hour increments) and can have up to three other shoppers with you. It will be you, me and those you invited in the store to enjoy a private shopping experience.


Arrive ten minutes prior to your shopping time and wait in your car to be let in.


Store is locked and you are only shopper at that designated time.

Do you have to buy a certain amount to register for a private shopping time?

Nope-its sometimes just nice to get out of the house and look at old stuff. I get it-its so fun for me!!

Can I cancel?

Of course, just send me a call or a text (at least 30 minutes before your assigned shopping time) and we can reschedule for a later date.

When will this feature become active?

I plan to have the time slots activated and available for reservation by next weekend on Saturday, August 21st.

What are the time slots available?


8am to 9am

9am to 10am


9am to 10am


10am to 11am

5pm to 6pm


9am to 10am


3pm to 4pm

We look forward to you shopping with us soon!!


Mis Hijas

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