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Adding More Shelves

I had this plan in mind-I had an order, a drill-a very much OCD induced pattern to the set up of our store and then someone gets sick.

I'm not one to shift plans and go with the flow. I lied as a young adult and would agree to last minute changes and act like it was no big deal only to end up leaving early due to a headache. I had those a lot in college (hahaha).

But now I have this store with my sisters and we have to go with the flow. This week was a challenge for me in so many ways because we have had some great finds in vintage and antique beauties we've come across in the past few weeks. I mean items that have been on my wish list and there it was-waiting for me to snatch it up at 3PM at a church garage sale.

Only its had to stay in the labyrinth of a back room or remain in the box that is buried under so many other boxes in the girls' playroom at the store because I had other pressing issues. Then I had to catch my breathe and reflect on those "issues."

Growing old is not for the lighthearted, there are nights I cannot wait to lay down so my right knee will stop shaking or when I can't wait for that Aleve to kick in so my hands won't look so swollen. Then I realized yesterday as I waited for my Dad that those patterns I have created don't matter.

I'll get more shelves up when I can.

Now all I need to do is spend time with my Dad and snuggle these little girls of mine because they don't need my obsessive need for detail-only my attention and perhaps a snack.

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